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The Evolution of Dance Studio Management Software

Written by Gerry Cobley | Oct 5, 2010 10:55:00 PM

As a dance studio owner, the chances are that you are a dancer first, and a business manager second - or third, fourth... :-)

So any dance studio management software that helps manage the administrative and marketing aspects of your business is valuable to your success, and to your peace of mind.

Over the last 20 years these tools have undergone dramatic transformations:

  • Customer account management has gone from paper records and paper invoices to Quickbooks to autopay services and now online payments.
  • Enrollment has gone from paper forms and phone calls to 24x7 online registration
  • Class rosters have gone from paper lists to MS Excel, to PC based software and now to web based services.
  • Marketing has gone from print ads to direct mail, to email marketing, and now to inbound marketing and social networking

The only catch here is that while all the tools now provide much, much more effective management across the board, they themselves are starting to become an administrative burden. Students may be signing themselves up online, but moving that information into your accounting system and your email marketing service is still a pain.

Thats where the latest dance studio management solutions like YourVirtuoso come to the rescue by integrating everything into one service, built on one database. With this approach, all the loose ends are tied up for you. You just email your (automatically collected) prospects with the mailing system, print out a (full!) class roster a few weeks later and teach!