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Dance Studio Website Benchmarks

Written by Gerry Cobley | Jan 24, 2011 2:49:00 PM

I recently wrote about music teacher website performance, and realize that the same benchmarks should apply, within reason, to dance studio websites. I previously blogged on options for creating your teacher website, and some of the things to look for, but if you already have a website you are happy with, I thought you might be interested in some benchmarks for how well it is performing.

We have collected data for a large number of websites for music studios and music schools, and are able to provide some overall statistics for you to compare your dance studio website with.

If you have Google Analytics or a similar tool, you should be familiar with these numbers:

How do you compare?

Remember for Bounce rate, the lower the better.

The bottom line of course, is whether these visitors, no matter how many pages they view, actually end up as customers at your dance studio.

Our benchmark is that 5% of visitors can be expected to enroll online.

Good luck filling those classes!


Gerry, SimplySignUp - provider of YourVirtuoso