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Music Studio Management

Feature Overview

YourVirtuoso takes all those “left brain” activities that don’t come naturally to us “right brained” musicians, and makes them almost disappear! Your customers do all the data entry for you online, and YourVirtuoso takes care of sending confirmations and payment reminders, tracking your revenues and receivables, printing class rosters, and nearly everything else that can take you away from the face to face time you love (and need) to have with your families and students. It even builds and hosts a website for you!

Here are the highlights:

  • A Dynamic, mobile and SEO friendly Marketing Website, with content management, automatically updated class schedules, curriculum and studio information, pricing and more…
  • Online Registration and payment
  • Auto-Pay
  • Family/Student and Prospect management
  • Email (and even direct mail) Marketing Campaigns
  • Enrollment Tracking, class rosters etc.
  • Family Accounts Receivable management
  • Extensive reporting
  • Simple integration with Quickbooks
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I can have all these Music Studio Management Features Free?

Yes, with a couple of exceptions of course. The built in merchant account is not available for example, and the Free package has a few ads discretely placed on your website.

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Less Administration... More Students

With YourVirtuoso, most of the tedious studio or school administration tasks are done for you by the system (or by your customers!) Here is how it works:

  • Schedule your classes (Your website is updated automatically)
  • Send out a Marketing Email to all your customers and prospects (Mailings are built in - just a click or 2)
  • Check your enrollment on YourVirtuoso, and see the payments appear in your bank account.
  • Print out class rosters (& name tags if you want).
  • Teach the classes!

It really can be that simple...


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