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So Valuable - If it's Done Right

There are some good, and some not so good, online enrollment practices.

With our years of experience in the field, we believe it is critical to have a fully integrated solution, with all the support information a customer needs on your website when and where they need it. Every page of the website should give your customer the opportunity to contact you (and become a lead) or better still take them to that all important Register link.

No long forms requiring memorization of class schedules. No insecure pages asking for payment details. Just a clear simple sequence of pages leading to a registration confirmation and payment. That's how we do it in YourVirtuoso.


The Benefits of Online Registration

  • Your Customer can enroll whenever they want. No waiting until someone is on duty to answer the phone. No need to take a trip to the studio. They can decide spontaneously and just do it!
  • You, or your admin staff, don't have to lift a finger. You come in one morning and find a notification that the customer has enrolled and paid. You don't have to worry about mis-typing their name, or forgetting to get their email. It's all right there in YourVirtuoso.
  • The synergy between your free studio website, your integrated email campaigns, and online registration means you are giving yourself an excellent chance to get those quality enrollments, often without the need for your own personal selling skills. You still need those, of course, but now they are focused on the more challenging leads.

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