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It's for the Children

Helping you help more children, more easily

SimplySignUp LLC was formed in 2005 to provide web based services for school/studio/center business owners who provide children's artistic, educational and enrichment services. Having been in that business for 25+ years ourselves, we know how important the arts are in the development of our children. Anything we can do to help you reach them more effectively, and free up more of your time to spend with them, is what makes us happy - hopefully it will make you happy too.

Typical subscribers to our services provide music or art classes, gymnastics or dance. The applications SimplySignUp develops are also well suited to franchised businesses or businesses with multiple locations or licensees, as they provide a rich set of features for franchisees, franchisors and end customers.

Over the last several years, the YourVirtuoso service has been fine tuned and proven in its initial market – hundreds of Kindermusik® and Music Together® studios across North America – and now this time tested and proven suite of services is available to everyone.

Whether you have a single home based piano studio or a multi-location dance studio business, this is something you need to check out.

And all at a price you will not believe. Starting at FREE!

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More Students

...Less Administration

With YourVirtuoso, most of the tedious studio or school administration tasks are done for you by the system, or by your customers! Here is how it works:

  • Schedule your classes (Your website is updated automatically)
  • Send out a Marketing Email to all your customers and prospects (Mailings are built in - just a click or 2)
  • Check your enrollment on YourVirtuoso, and see the paymentsappear in your bank account.
  • Print out class rosters (& name tags if you want).
  • Teach the classes!

It's really that simple...

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