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Allow me to introduce myself and see if you can relate!

My name is Julia Cobley and I have been teaching Kindermusik and piano for 25 years in our own studio.

I love what I do and am passionate about teaching and making a difference in a young child's life. My creativity knows no bounds  in the classroom and I feel energized each and every day. I am truly 'in the flow' -UNTIL I have to deal with the boring stuff like finances, marketing, collecting and tracking payments, class lists etc.  etc. Then  suddenly I feel too tired to cope with such matters - it saps my energy and enthusiasm.

NoMorePaperwork.jpgFortunately for me, I am married to Gerry who happens to LOVE the business side of running a music studio. He saw me struggling so he came up with and developed the perfect solution: Your Virtual Office Suite Online otherwise known as  YourVirtuoso! an online studio management tool that takes care of all those 'boring details'!

This system allows me the time and energy to 'just teach'!

YourVirtuoso is like magic - with a couple of clicks here and there you can email your whole customer list, your parents can enroll securely online at any time of day or night (they even enter their own information!), or they can find out info about weather related closings (and we have had  lot this year). The list of features is extensive and it is specifically designed with our needs in mind.  It truly is fantastic and life changing. So much so that I wanted to spread the word and let everyone in on the best kept secret in studio management - YV to the rescue!

We really believe that you would find it helpful too and we'd love to hear what you think. We would like to create a community of first adopters who would help us tweak the system for a larger audience. What are  your main challenges in running your studio? We would like this blog to be a place where we can all share our thoughts, opinions, needs and make YourVirtuoso the best system for you too. So please feel free to post a response.

Just off to check my summer enrollments and print out some labels for the birthday cards that I send to our students. It is so easy with YV!

See you later online,

Yours 'sing'cerely,


 P.S. If you want to take YourVirtuoso for a test drive here is an offer for you:-      1 Free Month of "Pro" package!

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Miss Julia

Written by Miss Julia

Experienced Early Childhood Music teacher and successful music school owner for 25 years