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Its all about Return on Investment - ROI
Selecting and implementing advanced music studio/school management software takes an investment of your time and effort. As a business manager, in addition to the other (more comfortable) hats you wear, you need to know whether that investment is going to have benefits - a Return on your Investment.
In this case study, we have taken a typical, reasonably large, music studio as an example and calculated the time saved, money saved and revenue generated, and the results are compelling. Your mileage may vary, the conclusion probably will not...

The Numbers

Here are the key assumptions, savings and revenue results in chart form: Reduced coat and increased revenue from studio management system


So, a very modest expenditure for the most popular YourVirtuoso Pro service package can drive a host of efficiency and effectiveness improvements for you. Here are some key benefits from features like online registration and payments:

  • 175 Hours of administrative time saved per year, along with the associated expenses for admin staff, the frustrations, and the "passion-smashing" paperwork!
  • Over $700 in direct savings by eliminating the multiple online tools that are integrated right in YourVirtuoso.
  • A whopping $13,000 potential revenue boost, by making sure customers get to your site, whether on a mobile or desktop device, and by enabling them to enroll with you right then and there.
  • Overall you could increase profits by nearly $16,000 per year, and
  • With all the data consistently saved in one database, you just feel more in-control of your studio business too.

Try it FREE!

If a profit boost like that sounds attractive, we have made it easy for you to give our studio/school management software a try at no cost! You can start with our Free package, or go straight to the Pro package with your first month free to let you check it out. Your Choice...

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Gerry Cobley

Written by Gerry Cobley

Music School Management Guru!